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Will you help us reach our $8,000 Fundraising Goal?

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During the upcoming school year, the PTA will coordinate two fundraisers, the Greenback Campaign this fall, and the Fiesta 5K/Fun Run in the spring on April 13th. The Greenback Campaign will run from the first day of school through September 21st. What you need to know: Participating in the Greenback Campaign is EASY and FAST. This fundraising campaign is quite simply a cash/check/coin/charge collection drive. There are no products to sell, and no events to attend. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Any amount is welcome and all support is greatly appreciated. We’d love to see Huebner students involved with the giving process – in whatever way works best for your family. Have fun and be creative in helping your child see the impact he/she can have on Huebner and our community. Maybe this involves collecting spare change, hosting a lemonade stand, reading a book about generosity or just talking to your kids about the importance of giving back. Encourage your child to bring in what he/she contributes in an envelope marked Greenback or post what you’re doing on social media with the hashtag #HuskiesGiveBack.

“This BUCK’s for YOU” – in addition to making a flat donation, it is also possible to make a donation in honor of your favorite Huebner Husky (think teacher, student, administrator, parent, friend, etc.). We will work with you to send an acknowledgement like this to the honoree letting him/her know of the gift you made in his/her name. You may contribute by giving to GREENBACK on the order form summary on the front of your Welcome Packet. Make checks payable to: Huebner PTA. Credit card gifts can be accepted on our website at www.HuebnerPTA.org.

How are Greenback DONATIONS used?

Q: What does the PTA spend its money on?

All of our PTA programs, including: Field Trips, Bike Rodeo, Author Visits, Staff Appreciation, Art in the Classroom, Red Ribbon Week, Veteran’s Day, Watch D.O.G.S. Earth Week, and many others.

Additionally, thanks to your generous donations last year, the Huebner PTA provided: 

*campus support items totaling $10,000. With these funds, we purchased technology related items for classrooms including iPads, Chromebooks and reading software.

*At Huebner, campus support gifts are determined at the end of each school year. A special committee is formed to handle the disbursement of these gifts (which is based entirely on the available balance of funds after programming expenses are paid). Staff, including teachers and administrators, are asked about their current needs and requests are made. Over the years, the PTA has provided things like: chrome books, PE mats, science equipment, makerspace robots, music instruments, white boards and much more to Huebner through campus support.

Q: How do we raise the money?

The Greenback Campaign and the Fiesta 5k are the PTA’s two fundraisers. The Greenback Campaign is easy and fast. Greenback gifts are tax-deductible and 100% of your donations support PTA programs. This campaign replaces traditional fundraising like food, candy, and catalogue sales. The Fiesta 5K/Fun Run is scheduled for Saturday, April 13, 2019. This community event, in its 4th year is open to the public. Funds are raised from generous community partners and Huebner families through sponsorships. Additional funds are earned through registration fees.

Q: What about the other things that come with a cost throughout the year like PTA memberships, Spirit Sales,Book Fair, School Supply Orders, Used Book Sale etc.? Those aren’t PTA fundraisers?

Good question! The PTA runs these programs as a benefit to our school community (and as part of our mission). We do not expect, nor budget to earn great amounts of revenue from these programs. The fees you incur are designed to cover the costs involved with offering the program.

It’s also worth noting that the school (or clubs/groups) will initiate fundraising efforts throughout the year. The PTA and the school works closely to coordinate on these efforts as best as possible. Everyone involved tries really hard to specify and communicate how funds raised will be spent.

Q: What if you have more questions as the year progresses?

If you are ever unsure of how monies will be used, please ask. In the coming year, the PTA hopes to use social media, our website (www.HuebnerPTA.org) and the Husky Update to communicate directly with parents. Questions can also be directed to the VP of Fundraising, Christina Martin, 210-842-1557 or christina_h_martin@hotmail.com



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  1. Giving to Greenback on the order form summary on the front of your Welcome Packet! Make checks payable to Huebner PTA. 

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